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Faculty's building and capacities

Faculty of Agriculture has 128 staff offices, of which 121 in the building in Osijek, and 7 in the building in Vinkovci. The average surface of the office is 15.83 m2 and all of the offices are at a high level regardless of their functionality, i.e. suitability for carrying out teaching and research activities. The laboratories, practicums and other (common) rooms that are equipped are used for scientific research and for teaching. All rooms are located in the building in Osijek, in addition to the Laboratory for engines and tractors which are located in a building in Vinkovci. The average size of the practicums is 55 m2 and laboratories 47 m2. Share of practicums in a total area of scientific research and professional work is 40%, laboratories 56% and common areas 4%.

Scientific research and professional activity are carried out on a total of 2,958.3 m2 surface divided into:

  • 21 practicums - total area of 1169.2 m2
  • 35 labs - total area of 1656.3 m2
  • 3 other (common) areas - total area 132.8 m2

Other facilities (3 rooms) are available to all departments, which are on the ground floor of the building in Osijek. The room is specifically designed for the reception, processing and storage of samples. The subjects of scientific and professional work in the Faculty of Agriculture are generally samples of soil, plant and animal material. Prepared samples are kept in storage area (freezers, refrigerators, boxes, bags, shelves etc.).

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